An overview of the aspects of the grieving process in psychology

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Theories of Emotion

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What Is Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy? In Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy (), the clinician and researcher William J.


Worden, Ph.D., makes a distinction between grief counseling and grief therapy. He believes counseling involves helping people facilitate uncomplicated, or normal, grief to a healthy completion of the tasks of grieving within a reasonable time frame.

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OVERVIEW A suffering, a distress, a wretchedness, a pain, a burden, a wound. These were among the meanings associated with the word grief in its premodern French origin. The term also referred to wrongs and injuries that have been inflicted upon an individual by.

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Private Workshops Available. Sometimes theory can be wordy or so academic that it feels inaccessable to the reader. Here, I give an overview of grief theory, that can hopefully help inform both the ordinary bereaved person and caring professional or supportive friend understand what may be of use or happening.

An overview of the aspects of the grieving process in psychology
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