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The Write Away is a LiveJournal community designed for the sharing and improving the writing of, and building friendships between, its members. everywhere ;) We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Nov 21,  · Those StormFront comments have a malevolence and often a conspiratorial weirdness beyond anything you'd be likely to see in the Daily Mail or Sun etc. You mean StormFront views are more of a doctrine rather than just an ill thought out comment.

This community is a place for our members to post their work for others to read, critique, and help improve it.

Social Justice And Words, Words, Words

It is a safe place for authors to share their work without worrying about plagiarism, and to make friends and connections while doing so. Make your own rules and post them here, it will hopefully tell you about what you like, what you think good writing is, and what your writing ambitions to reveal.

You can even make this into a poem, or a short story or whatever you like. Post anything writing related here, or just get to know your fellow writers.

writing prompts

Do not post advertisements for non-writing related things (ex: Your rating community, your dog's website). You may post your work, things about yourself, whatever.

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The write away community on livejournal stormfront
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